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Shipping Dates vs. Release Dates

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Fausk said...
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Why are video game companies the only ones allowed to promote a game's date as the date they're going to start shipping it? DVDs for instance always say "Buy it Tuesday" and it comes out on that Tuesday. However, recently for both Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and White Knight Chronicles, neither of them released on the date they said they would. The date for Shattered Memories on PS2 and PSP was on 1/19/10. It did not come out that day, because that was the shipping date.

Today, I just tried to go out and pick up White Knight Chronicles, because every trailer for it clearly had it stated as being on release for 2/2/10. Despite Best Buy's website saying it was available today, they did not have it on the store shelves. I went to three other stores, none of them had it on the shelves, because again, it was a shipping date.

I don't care if the game comes out on Wednesday, I just wish they'd tell us -that- date so that I don't get all prepared to go buy something and end up wasting gas. I mean the whole reason I was checking Best Buy's website before going in was so that I wouldn't have to waste the trip. So I'm also not too happy about them clearly lying about their stock either, when I checked their site for Shattered Memories on the 19th, they didn't say they had it then!

Why are video game companies allowed to get away with this though? Again, if a TV ad said you could get a DVD on Tuesday, but then you went to the store and they were all "Oh, I'm sorry that was actually the shipping date, we probably won't get it til tomorrow." That just wouldn't fly. It's just ridiculous. Give the date that it will be in the store, not the date you're going to start sending it out, no one cares about when you ship it. I'm pretty sure MAG and Mass Effect 2 were both available on Jan 26, when they said they'd be out.
White Knight Chronicles

White Knight Chronicles (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 24/FEB/10
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS2)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 26/JAN/10
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Just made a run to EB Games on the way home from work to pick up White Knight and the guy just said "tomorrow." At least I was able to put it on reserve, paid in full, so I can just send someone down to pick it up while I'm working. Major inconvenience though since I was planning to get a good bit of play time in before going out tonight and tomorrow I won't have a chance to start til 11PM+
@Techn0mancer I know, I put down a pre-order and paid it off as well when it wasn't in. I just find it ridiculous that out of every other industry out there, video games are the only ones that get away with telling us a date when they'll start shipping it, and it may or may not be in tomorrow, after all you don't know if the mail will get through, etc etc. It's just outrageously irritating to me. It'd be like a doctor telling you to come in on Tuesday, but then when you get there you find out the doctor was actually on vacation and he won't arrive until tomorrow, but his flight started today, which is why he said today was when you could come in.

Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's just so frustrating. If it didn't JUST happen to me a couple weeks ago I could have let it slide. Considering both times though were times that I took the trip (5 miles or so, 10 or so for the round trip) just to go from my house to the store to buy it. Gee, thank you video game companies for having me waste the gas because you can't understand the concept of a release date.

Incidentally, Star Trek online had a date of today too. AND IT CAME OUT. So I know it's entirely possible to get a game out, on time.
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