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Fausk's gameplay for Worms Reloaded (PC-FX)

Fausk played Worms Reloaded

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Fausk said...
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HOLY CRAP I MISSED WORMS. Pre-order bonus was 24 hour early access, which means I got to play it today. Man, I played the hell out of it. Created two different teams, created my own game type and map to go with it. Beat all 30 of the standard campaign missions, there's still 5 to go, that are unlocked by purchasing them, but they're far too difficult. Unlocked everything available to me in the store.

Just all in all, an absolute blast, even played a game with friends.

The chat system sucks, but hey, that's why we've got Skype anyway.
Worms Reloaded

Worms Reloaded (PC-FX)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Turn-Based Strategy
Release Date: 26/AUG/10
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