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Fausk's gameplay for Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3)

Fausk played Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection

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Fausk said...
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While I'm beginning to wonder if I really just paid 30 dollars for an easy Platinum trophy and the few Sonic games on here... I am impressed by Phantasy Star 1's first person perspective dungeon crawling. That's amazing they were able to do that on an 8-bit system, but the first battle I ran into, I died. So, not exactly the best start, I'll give it another try sometime later.

Sonic games... I'm still kinda meh on them, starting to get the feel for them though and enjoying them, probably only going to be able to really get through Sonic 3 though, since that one at least saves your progress. Knuckles is fun to play as in Sonic & Knuckles though.

Granted, I do need to try out the Shining Force games still, I've heard they're lots of fun, but beyond that, I do have a couple other favorites that I should probably play more of... Beyond Oasis and Fatal Labyrinth. Not sure why I like Fatal Labyrinth as it's really awkward to control. Beyond Oasis though reminds me a lot of like a Zelda-type game, which entices me a lot, so I'll have to dig into that one some more.

If anyone else has other good suggestions, I'd be all for them.
Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Multi-Genre Compilation
Release Date: 10/FEB/09
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