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Fausk's gameplay for Fat Princess (PS3)

Fausk played Fat Princess

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Fausk said...
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Fat Princess' new dev team should fix a few things. Namely, make it easier to join your friends, and play on the same team as them, as well as giving us a server browser instead of just randomly connecting to a game. Private servers would be a plus, anything to keep this game from just being a mindless deathmatch would be beneficial. I just got done playing a map with nearly two full human teams, with the capture 3 princesses game type, and no one had captured a single princess in at least half an hour since I got there. Since when I joined all the hat machines were already maxed, I'm sure they had been going for a while before that.

Of course, it doesn't help that most PS3 users are apparently too cheap to afford a headset.
Fat Princess

Fat Princess (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Overhead View Action
Release Date: 30/JUL/09
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