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Fausk played Dreamkiller

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Fausk said...
  • frustrated
Ugh. How can a game that rather blatantly rips off the plot of Psychonauts suck so much? The level design leaves much to be desired based on the whole "traveling inside people's heads". Not to mention since you're dealing with their phobias they could have enemies that fit better. Level 1, yeah, spiders, spider men, yeah, that all makes sense. Level 2 the guy is afraid of work and making decisions, so you fight cyberpunk fat clowns with one wolverine claw and demons from Doom.

Yeah, so it's basically another monster closet game, where you shoot a bunch of monsters, move to the next room, shoot more monsters, etc.

The thing that probably bugged me most was why does a minigun, which only exists because the guy's mind is trying to help me ease its fears, has to COOLDOWN. It doesn't exist! It's in someone's head! It should keep firing all the time.

Not to mention the minigun sucks, the single shot shotgun thing that you find in level 2 is much better cause you can one hit kill by aiming for the head.

Dreamkiller (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 12/OCT/09
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