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Fausk's gameplay for Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Fausk played Donkey Kong Country

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Fausk said...
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Nearly forgot that I had played this yesterday. Decided that, due to the announcement of Donkey Kong Country Returns, I should refamiliarize myself with the old games. My main reason for deciding to do this had to do with how everyone said the controls were pretty awful.

In my initial playing, I must say I don't feel that at all. Perhaps it's all just muscle memory in remembering the countless hours and hours I played this as a child, but the controls are pretty much rock solid. The only -problem- is that the game is INSANELY difficult. Not that that's a bad thing, it just usually means a lot of dying, a lot of restarts, and a lot of game over screens.

All things that, all in all, are not bad things in my opinion. They help teach the goals of perseverance and rewarding you for continuing on. Plus, I know that I had gone back through and scoured all these levels for secrets, oddly, I still remember where most of them are, and that's a really good feeling, knowing that these games have stuck with me.

As for Donkey Kong Country Returns, I like the look of it, it certainly pulled at the nostalgia strings for me, but I don't think it'll be enough for me to fully convince myself I need to buy a Wii.
Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date:
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